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We're always excited to see bags go from the runway to in-store, in-stock accessibility to shoppers, but there's a particular thrill when it comes to Chanel bags. The brand produces more of its lush, highly detailed, sometimes-weird runway pieces than most other bag brands, eventually putting cheap soccer jerseys them into the hands of consumers. Fall 2015's collection, in stores now, includes that rolex replica dining plate clutch you probably remember from the brand's brasserie-themed runway show and beyond. As hublot replica sale was the case when the collection debuted in Paris, these bags skew more toward traditionally pretty than inventive or replica watches uk literal, and that's perfectly fine with me. Below, you'll find plenty of exotics, with a particular emphasis on alligator, plus replica orologi flap bags embellished with pretty finishings like colorful mosaic mini-tiles and glimmering rhinestones. When available, we've also included price information for the individual bags.